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 Top Bodies Fitness


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WAIVER of Liability and Informed

Consent Form for participation 

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Welcome to Top Bodies Fitness world of wellness, good health, & total fitness for all ages. We'll help you achieve great health.  

Disclaimer ~ Waiver of Liability
                    & Informed Consent
Please Consult A Physician Before Starting this or any other Fitness Program.  Top Bodies Fitness Company it's employees, owners, and/or it's affiliates will not be held liable for any injuries that may occur before, during, or after participation in our Online Fitness Programs. You are joining and participating at your own risk. NOTE: Please Pre-Register and make Payments well in advance, prior to each class. Payments should not be made No Later than 1 hour prior to class. Thank you!

 Register for Shapprell's

               Zoom Fitness Program

 by signing the Waiver of Liability          & Consent Form above.

Get the Personal Trainer

        of your dreams!

  Join Fitness Guru Shapprell Dallas for her

    Awesome 30 minute Full Body Blast

                In the Comfort of Your Home

                     for only $75 a month,

        when you make payment by the 25th. 



                After the 25th of each month          

     Pay $100 using Zelle, Venmo, or CashApp 

   CashApp $TopBodiesFitness or $ShapprellDallas

For No Extra Charge -or- Pay using Paypal and 

    add a $10 Fee for Paypal Service Charges

                     for a total of $110.00


     Training sessions are virtual on Zoom App


                  Shapprell's Age Defying

         Fitness Program is for everyone! 


               Don't wait. get fit & stay fit for the rest of your life.


                Monday's & Wednesday's

     @ 4:00 PM Central & 7:00 PM Estern

          This Fitness Program is For Both 

               Men & Women, Boys & Girls.


     The Zoom Access Code for our workout

       sessions will be emailed to you the day

                        of each class.


     Only those who have Paid & Registered 



 with coach Shapprell in the online Zoom class.


Core and More Fitness Program with Shapprell
By signing the Registration Form above, you are agreeing to release Top Bodies Fitness Company, it's owners, and affiliates from any and all claims, demands and causes of action arising from your participation in this exercise program. You fully understand that you may be injured as a result of participating in this exercise program and hereby release Top Bodies Fitness Company from any liability, law suits, claims or action against them, their employees, staff members, affiliates, and company name. You agree that you are willing to participate and exercise in this program at your own risk.