Top Bodies Fitness

Group & Private Training

Package #1 - 10 1 hour Personal Training Sessions.
Package #2 - 10 - 45 Minute Personal Training Sessions
Package #3 - 10 - 30 minute Personal Training Sessions
Buddy Package/Personal Training

   Top Bodies Fitness - Personal Training

        One-On-One Private Training Packages Include:

          Package #1 - 10, 1 Hour Sessions = $400.00

          Package #2 - 10, 45 Min. Sessions = $365.00

          Package #3 - 10, 30 Min. Sessions = $300.00

Package #4 - Buddy Package = $200.00 per person

Prices listed above are for One-On-One Private Training only. One individual client, purchasing private personal training with one of our qualified Personal Fitness Trainers. The Buddy Package is for 1 to 3  friends, co-workers, classmates, couples, or participants. Each person in the buddy package will pay a minimum of $200.00 each. "Please See bottom below for Group Private Classes"

Call and book your Sessions today! 407-739-1766 or 407-739-1761.



Top Bodies Fitness COMPANY Offers Fitness Training for every level,

Begginers, Intermediates, and Advanced. We build programs to suit

your specific needs. Go to our Facebook Page and click the "LIKE" button for 1 free Personal Training Session, when you purchase 10.

Note: There are NO Refunds on Private or Group Training/Classes!
Set Your Own Amount and Make Payment Now. Thank you! 
It's FUN & SEXY - Exolly Dance Fitness Heels Class
                        Ladies 18 & Over Only!
                No Men, No Kids, No Spectators!
Call Master Fitness Coach Shapprell Dallas to book your spot. Pay here or Cash App Shapprell Dallas
              $15 in advance and $30 at the door.
                              NO REFUNDS

Personal Training

Get your Program Custom Fitted to suit your individual needs with Private Training.

Personal Training For:

Weight Loss

Weight Gain

Muscle Tone

Better Strength

More Endurance

& Overall Health

Would you like to train for a Fitness Competition, or simply train like an Olympian?

Get our Expert help! We build CHAMPION competitors! Call

407-739-1766 today!

Special Events Fitness & Massage

                    EXOLLY Dance Fitness Class

Top Bodies Fitness Classes are for those who like to train in a group.

                          These group classes are very effective, and affordable.

                        Minimum of 10 people for a Private Group

                              Only $15 per Private Class


Please Note: There are NO REFUNDS after the first session/class with Fitness Coach and/or Personal Trainer & a $20 Fee for ISF.